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"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Karma Charity of

All Levels Yoga Class supporting the Transition to Betterness T2B

Friday August 31st,

Join Esme Prowse on Friday, August 31st for a lovely slow Hatha practice accessible to all levels. 

Windsor and Essex County’s largest outdoors yoga event “YOGA FOR HOPE” has its 10 year Anniversary this year. This event was put on by donations generated to the non-profit charity Pajama Angels, Wing Power Fund, established by our good friend Darlene. Pajama Angels has now partnered with Transition to Betterness

History of Pajama Angels
Pajama Angels was established in 2007 by two sisters Darlene and Judy, in honour of their late sister Maggie who lost her battle with cancer in 2002. It was their mission to provide integrative therapies for those with life-altering illnesses. The Wing Power Fund is intended to help those who experience financial hardship during their journey battling a life-altering illness. Thanks to this special partnership, Transition to Betterness will be able to continue providing financial support for these therapies.


At H'OM Wellness Centre it is important to make Yoga a part of your life regardless of your financial situation. The "Helping H'OMies" program is our commitment to providing unlimited yoga to you. Our H'OMies are the most important part of our day to day operations by helping to provide a positive vibe, clean space, and H'OM away from Home.

We want to make yoga affordable for everyone. Becoming a H'OMie requires a 3 hour per week commitment (same day and time every week) helping at the studio, and in return, the studio helps you by offering an unlimited membership. 
Some of the H'OMie duties will include maintaining tidiness in the studio areas/space, restocking supplies, mopping floors, cleaning equipment, helping at the front desk, and providing a great attitude with a warm welcome. This is a wonderful way to get more involved with the community and events, as well as getting to know your teachers and  fellow yogis.
To apply for this program answer the following questions and send them to ​​[email protected]​​

  1. What appeals to you about the Helping H'OMies program?
  2. Why does this program suit your needs
  3. How long do you envision yourself as a H'OMie?
  4. How did you hear about the program?