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MeditativeWalking and Mindfulness

Friday June 15th,

The change of season is amongst us, a time of year to embrace the earth's natural beauty. We are witness to nature’s new life, flowers in bloom, vibrant colours and the rays of sunshine... but do we really take the time to notice and observe all of nature’s beauty and the way it can cultivate a greater awareness and appreciation? In this workshop we will discuss ways to be more attentive to the earth as it deeply connects back to your well being. ​​​​​

Join Philip as he guides you to a way of walking in meditation and mindfulness. 

Cost is $25 and preregistration is required. You may register via the MINDBODY app or by emailing info@homwellnesscentre.com stating your full name and phone number.

​H'OM Stretch and Ride

Sunday June 24th,

Grab your friends and family and join H’OM Wellness Centre for our Monthly Bicycle Ride and Yoga Class. 

Each month in the summer (weather permitting) we will meet at the studio and cycle to a public park for an All Level Friendly Practice. 

Sunday June 24, 11:30am meet at H’OM, cycle to Willistead Park or meet us there! These community building events are free... please bring with you a yoga mat or blanket, water, snacks and a helmet.

Intro to Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga Workshop

Friday June 29th,

*Prior to this workshop we will hold an introductory Beginner Hatha/ Tantra class on Monday June 4th at 7pm.  This June 4th class  is included in memberships as well as class pass holders.  ​​

June 29th, 2018: Beginner Hatha Yoga & Tantra Yoga Workshop 
Class Length is 2 hours.

We will delve deep into a beginner Level of Tantra Yoga including teachings on basic principles, various paths, disciplines, purification of body and mind through chakra based hatha yoga practice, mantras and yantras. We will have individual practices from an Ancient lineage of sacred texts.

Workshop Cost $25.00.  You may register via the MINDBODY app or by emailing info@homwellnesscentre.com stating your full name and phone number.

Prenatal Yoga 5 Week Session

Mondays July 2nd-30th,

The gentleness of breath leads you to a relaxing mind in this class that prepares you for birth. Prenatal classes offer the expectant mother a chance to build a community of motherhood, share your experience of pregnancy, and tune into your body and growing baby. We utilize postures to build strength and stamina, balance and breath to support the changing body. Learn techniques to calm the nervous system and connect to the mind.​​​

Lisa Mitchell is new mom and completed her Level One Prenatal Yoga Teaching Training during her last trimester of pregnancy. She has an extensive background in Yoga and Holistic Therapy. 

Session begins Monday July 2 at 7pm
Full session $70
Drop in rate $20