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"A Community is made up of intimate relationships among diversified types of individuals--a kinship group, a local group, a neighbourhood, a village, a large family. "                  

-Carroll Quigley


Lisa Mitchell - Owner
Lisa Mitchell was born and raised in Windsor, she is married to her best friend and has two sons, Owen and Kai, and she also has a fur baby Yogi.  Lisa has been a first responder in the Chrysler Fire and Security department since 1999, and has taught fitness classes and yoga for 7 years.   Growing up she was a bit overweight and when she was old enough, she joined a gym; this is when her healthy lifestyle began.  Lisa shed 100lbs by eating a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly.  Over the years she managed to keep all of her weight off.  Even when Lisa’s life began to change traumatically she managed to stay healthy physically, but emotionally and spiritually she began to suffer, which brought her to a meditation class.  Lisa felt inspired once again, she began to feel clearer both physically and emotionally which lead her to the practice of yoga 10 years ago.  Yoga is Lisa’s daily medication and along with her practice and meditation she is passionate about her nutrition being preventative for her and her family’s future. Because of the passion Lisa has for her life and the lives of her students, she decided to share her knowledge by assisting those who need guidance from a likeminded person of understanding in a H’OM away from home.  Lisa understands and can assist teaching about the commitment and dedication a healthy lifestyle through the fundamentals of yoga on and off the mat.  Lisa has studied Yoga in many cities and countries across the world and has obtained a 500 hour Hatha, 100 hour Flow, 50 hour Vinyasa, 200 hour Yoga Therapy, Prenatal Yoga and Les Mills certifications and is in the process of getting her bootybarre certification.  Lisa has also completed her diploma in Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Holistic Nutrition.
Jadell Wiens - Owner
Jadell Wiens was born and raised in Kelowna, B.C. where she lived until her early 20’s leading an active, health conscious, vegetarian lifestyle. She spent the second decade of her life moving around and exploring Western Canada trying to get a feel for who she is, and after spending some time as a Certified Dental Assistant she moved to Windsor to pursue her dream of going to Massage Therapy School. During these 2 years of schooling she rediscovered a daily workout routine and it was at this time that she also took up long distance running. A few years after graduating, while going through a difficult time with her family and looking for some peace of mind, she found the practice of yoga. This filled a void mentally and spiritually and is still an extremely important part of her life. Yoga has also played a big part in helping to improve her running ability with increased flexibility and lung capacity. Jadell is very passionate about nutrition and a firm believer that healing begins from the inside out. Since opening H’OM Wellness Centre Inc. she has taken bootybarre and BollyX training, and is now a certified Barre and BollyX teacher.  She would also like to take her yoga teacher training and strives to continuously expand her knowledge and scope of practice by taking more training in the mind/body wellness industry.  Jadell has been a practicing Registered Massage Therapist for 8 years and has built up an extensive clientele and successful business/practice.  She has been a resident of Windsor since 2006 during which she has spent a great deal of time exploring and discovering the area.  She definitely has come to call Windsor home and now lives here with her boyfriend/partner, Dan Bezaire, and their three cats.  
Dan Mitchell - Owner
Dan Mitchell is married to his best friend Lisa Mitchell, born and raised in Windsor where he and his family reside. Dan has a son named Owen, and he and Lisa have a boy named Kai born in April of 2017. Dan’s practice began two years ago and his practice allowed him to connect with his inner self more deeply than he expected.  During Dan's self-realization he strived to better his knowledge about health and decided to re-enter the educational world where he will soon obtain his certification in Healthy Eating and Weight Loss. Dan will utilize his knowledge during H’OM workshops pertaining to healthy lifestyles. Dan is an active member of the environment, and has worked in water and waste water for 18 years where his duties also include managing day to day operations as well as financials of his department.  Dan is passionate about the environment and has implemented environmental awareness programs throughout the county. He is a member of many environmental committees and his desire is to protect and sustain our planet thru green activities by reducing, recycling and reusing.  
                              Dan Bezaire - Owner​​
Dan Bezaire grew up in Windsor, Ontario where he went to F.J. Brennan Catholic High School.  After graduating he continued his education by attending St. Clair College taking the plumbing program.  After completing this he also challenged the Steamfitter Certification Exam and has been working in the Trade for 20 years.  While having to travel a lot for work he began to develop anxiety issues which brought him to his first yoga class at Central Fitness. It was during these classes that his anxiety began to decrease and he started to discover a connection with his mind, body, and breath.  Eventually he moved beyond what the classes at the gym had to offer and it was suggested that he try the Downtown Yoga Studio to advance his practice.  He has since expanded to try many studios in many cities, including Los Angles, California, where he took his yoga teacher training through Moksha Yoga in 2013.  He continued with his teaching journey by travelling to New York City the following year to take his Flow training.  Dan thoroughly enjoys teaching and is very happy that the Universe has now taken him full circle and has brought him back to the Downtown Yoga Studio in which he will now call H’OM.  Dan has two kids, Mya and Jonas, and lives with his girlfriend/partner, Jadell Wiens, and their three cats.
Lisa LaPensee - Teacher
Lisa Lapensee was proudly born and raised in Windsor, Ontario.  She has been employed in health care for over 25 years, with the last 10 years as an emergency nurse at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.  She has been a practicing yogi for over 15 years.  She is formally trained under Sri Dharma Mittra Hatha Yoga out of New York City.  She has taken additional Yoga Therapy training in Goa, India; Bryce Fitflow Yoga in Dallas, Texas; Yin Yoga with Lynne in Windsor, Ontario; Radhika Yoga Power Yoga and Inversion training in Bali, Indonesia; Booty Barre training in Windsor, Ontario; as well as numerous workshops throughout North America.  Her passion for yoga is ever present, both on and off the mat.  When she does have a moment to spare, she chooses to spend time with her husband Chris and their cat Putter, as well as her close friends.  Lisa has many philosophies that guide her practice, but when pressed for just one to live by her response is always, "It's just yoga!".
Debbie Olivastri - Teacher
Debbie (E-RYT 500) has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in the year 2002.   Yoga has been a consistent part of her life and has helped her to grow stronger and healthier both on and off the mat.  Yoga inspires her to live each moment more mindfully.  She has received training in Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Yinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga  and Senior Chair Yoga as well.  She strives to help others thrive in life by nurturing their body, mind and spirit with yoga, and her hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced. Namaste
Linda Rea - Teacher
Linda’s journey to the mat began by chance more than 17 years ago with a class at a gym in Vancouver.  A certified teacher since 2006 she recently moved back to Windsor.  Having worked in the stressful film industry she is well aware of the healing benefits of yoga on mind body and soul. Studying intently with many local Vancouver teachers as well as internationally renowned masters, her classes encompass a strong physical practice with an emphasis on alignment and breath.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and strives to create an environment where all are welcome. Weaving together challenging standing flows, unique sequencing and seated poses where the emphasis is on getting present, grounded and real.
Susan Marcaccini - Teacher
S​usan first discovered yoga as a young girl in a paperback book of her Gram's. She found the pictures truly fascinating and intriguing. Many years later, in 2000, she found herself taking her first asana class in a local Windsor community center. She was hooked right from the start. Floating around town, trying different teachers, she eventually wound up in a dojo taking a class with Nicole Daignault. She had found her teacher and began to really dive into more than just the physical practice, she wanted to learn more. So inspired by her experience and her teacher, Susan just knew that this was what she wanted to pursue on a deeper level. The benefits of this practice were countless, physically and mentally. She was inspired to become a teacher and share this amazing practice with others.In 2003, Susan travled to Varanasi, India to study with Nicole's teacher Sunil Kumar. The four months that she spent with her laughing Guru were life altering. She came home a different person and her love of travel was born. She began teaching at the Downtown Yoga Studio shortly after her return in 2004 and it became like a second home. She has taught at various places in Windsor and Essex County but the downtown studio was where it all began.Her teaching is very alignment based and easily adapted to all students, beginner to advanced. With influences from Iyengar, Bihar, Sivananda, and Ashtanga Yoga just to name a few, classes are challenging and constantly changing. Her soothing voice, demanding classes, and juicy shavasana will help you to feel lighter, more relaxed and definitely stronger in body and mind.Her long battle with Crohn's disease and many surgeries have helped make her a very compassionate, understanding and versatile teacher. She has come back onto her mat again and again as a beginner, she knows the struggle all to well. Yoga has helped her through many dark and challenging times in her life. It is truly why she is here today, sharing her love of this ancient practice with her students. Yoga is grounding, it helps alleviate the stress and tension from our day to day lives. Let it help you find peace, understanding, compassion, and love for yourself and the world around you. Find strength and flexibility, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Susan lives in the downtown core with her partner Christopher, their two kidlets and three furry cat babies. She loves to cook, read, spend time with friends in various local cafes and makes a mean soy latte. Her Indian food is legendary and she often dreams of opening Susanji's Indian Cuisine in the future but her part time life as a local designer of hair keeps her pretty busy! She can often be found on her mat in various local yoga classes and loves to practice down at the river when the weather permits. Laughter Yoga is another passion and often makes an appearance in her classes too!!! Ha ha ha ha ha Mahadev! Come try a class today! Namaste. OM
Bryanna Townsend - Teacher
Bryanna is a born dancer! Born in Windsor, Bryanna currently attends Amherst High School and plans to attend University to become a High School Math teacher. She is a big sister to two younger brothers and best cousin to Kai.  She has practiced dance since the young age of 9 and is skilled in Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet.  Bryanna's dedication and many hours of practice brought her to the competitive level of dance where she competed across North America. She is currently finishing her Barre Teacher Certification and hopes to expand her Certification in Pilates. Her passion and knowledge of dance enhances her Barre classes because of her love for technique and alignment.
Lisa Roland - Teacher
Lisa Roland has been practicing yoga for just over 14 years and has been teaching since early 2008. Her yoga teacher training was with Michael Johnson in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The focus was on Hatha yoga including Ashtanga, Anusara, Jivamukti, and Tibetan Heart Yoga. She has taught at Namaste Yoga Centre, Lifestyle Family Fitness, The Yoga House, and The Women's Forum.  In her teaching she likes to focus on proper form and alignment so the practitioner learns a strong foundation to grow on. She is also a Registered Massage Therapist, practicing Ashiatsu Massage, Warm Bamboo, and most recently Cupping. She enjoys spending time with her family, being active outdoors, healthy cooking, reading, pilates, and of course yoga.
Annisa McNish - Teacher
Annisa stumbled onto her yoga mat in the hopes of gaining flexibility. As a former gymnast she was hoping to be able to do the splits again. She had been to a couple yoga classes here and there, but nothing had really stood out to her until she found the support of Instagram yoga challenges. Suddenly, she was taking yoga classes every chance she could get. Soon she was on her mat every day, determined to find elusive flexibility. After a few months she began to notice a change, a shift in her practice. She began to understand the importance of breath. She began to understand the connection of movements to breath. She soon realized that her overactive brain was completely silent when she got on her mat. After less than a year of a dedicated daily practice, she realized what she really wanted to do in life; teach this amazing practice to others. At the time, she was teaching English in Shanghai China. So she enrolled in a RYT 200 hour course and has been teaching ever since. She is also enrolled in a Yin Yoga training in May. Annisa is a firm believer that yoga is for every body. She strives to make all of her classes completely accessible to all. She has taught all ages and abilities, from children, to seniors, from athletes to military members suffering from PTSD. She is constantly inspired by the subtle shifts that yoga can bring out in people, both physically and mentally. As a sufferer of chronic pain, Annisa understands that every student chooses yoga for their own personal reasons. She hopes to give every student a class that leaves them feeling challenged, but strives to ensure that everyone leaves the room feeling calm and relaxed. "We all step on to our mats for different reasons, but the one thing we all have in common is breath. Find your breath and you have found yoga".​​
Christopher Lyons - Teacher
Christopher Lyons, R.M.T., C.L.Y.L., Certified Sivananda Yoga Instructor (Krishnabhaktananda)
Christopher’s journey on his yogic path began in 2001. Since then he has been actively and passionately studying the science of yoga. He was first introduced to this ancient practice by Chris Formagin at Jaya Yoga Studio in Windsor Ontario. Here the love for Sivananda yoga began and the seed of yogic knowledge wasdeeply planted within him. A new family and work life flourished, but eventually tipped the balance away from his practice. As in all of nature there will be ups and downs, yin and yang and a series of life changing events left him with only the love of his two children and the remnants of his previous life. It was from here at the very bottom that new hope grew from thatpreviously planted seed. It was nurtured with the love, light and compassion offered by his partner Susan Marcaccini. The hiatus from his practice was over and he was once again back at it.Christopher began to teach in 2011. His passion and love of yoga plus his extensive training as a Registered Massage Therapist gave him the knowledge and desire to want to share the benefits of yoga with others. After a few years of teaching it seemed like the next logical step to return to his roots and become a certified Sivananda teacher. The opportunity for this presented itself in 2015 and he spent a full month immersed in ashram life at the Sivananda Yoga Camp Ashram in Val Morin,Quebec. This time away and full yogic immersion brought a much deeper understanding of the practice and a new spirituality to his teachings.He is also a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, teaching classes and leading events in a variety of places around our community. He often incorporates aspects from his many skills into the classes that he teaches. You will learn the science of the body, yoga anatomy, the joy of laughter and how to slow down your body and mind. Christopher is a passionate healer, tender compassionate teacher and a fountain of knowledge on most and many subjects. His stories are legendary and you will always leave a practice feeling refreshed and renewed.
Vanessa Soulliere - Teacher
Vanessa is 26 years old, from Belle River Ontario and currently resides in Windsor Ontario with her partner Eric, their 4 month old son Silas, and their two cats. Vanessa has been practicing yoga since she was 13 and has been teaching children and youth yoga for the past 3 years. Vanessa owns her own business, Seeds of Light, who’s focus is spiritually based education and healing for children, youth, and adults. This past June she completed her Children & Youth Yoga Teacher Training with Rainbow Kids Yoga. She is also a Registered Early Childhood Educator, a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, and a Spiritual Consultant. She has over 6 years experience teaching in the childcare industry, and right now she can be found throughout Essex-County teaching combinations of yoga, mindfulness & meditation, spiritual health, and energetic concepts to children, youth, and adults. Vanessa understands the significance the first 6 years of a child’s life has on their overall health and wellbeing, therefore she strives to always take in account the balance of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health needs and potential of her students. She also likes to infuse elements of creative arts, nature, and connection into her teaching. Vanessa is looking forward to bringing Family Yoga classes to the Centre, and hopefully help to make it feel more like H’OM. Namaste!"​​​​
Josie Burns - Teacher
Josie has been practicing yoga for 10+ years. Like a seed that was planted with care and attention, the physical practice that was meant to find work-life balance, has turned into a beautiful practice of awareness – body, mind and spirit - both on and off the mat.​​ A graduate of the Namaste Yoga Shala, in Royal Oak Michigan (2010), Josie graduated as a Certified Yoga Teacher and has been teaching in various settings since then.  Teaching foundational hatha yoga, her strength lies in working with students of all abilities, sizes and ages. Her belief is that yoga can be practiced by anyone – her style is a gentle approach.  Options are offered to explore traditional postures, and the use of props as enhancements to the practice.  She also incorporates the benefits of pranayama (breath control) and meditation practice into her classes. Josie also shares the love of Bhakti yoga – “the yoga of devotion” – where chanting mantra to music works to shift energy.  You can often find her participating in monthly Kirtan in Windsor, with the Kirtaneers! Band, led by Nancy Drew. Some of Josie’s other jobs includes being a wife, mom to 2 wonderful kids, and full time Recruiting Manager for a local staffing agency.  She has been teaching and practicing in the downtown space for several years, and looks forward to sharing the practice of the many limbs of yoga with the H’OM family.

Peter Johnson - Teacher
​Peter has been practicing yoga for almost a decade, and became a yoga instructor earlier this year after completing the RYS200 Yoga Alliance teacher program. He first started practising to strengthen his core and to help build a more flexible back - and realised so many other benefits in all aspects of his life. Originally from England, he has lived in Wales, California and has called Ontario his home for the past 14 years. His background is in computing, happiness and coffee. Life is about laughing, pushing your boundaries and bringing joy to the world. Join him along with his best friend and husband Peter Tiefenbach, as they often teach yoga together as a team.
Emmanuela Pintus - Teacher
​​Emmanuela studied Hatha yoga under the guidance of Yogrishi Vishvketu in India in 2006, and completed her 500hr teacher training in 2014.  Emmanuela's passion is health and movement. She is a national level fitness competitor using weights and yoga as tools to build and serve the body, and mind. Emmanuela thrives at working towards new goals to remain focused and to continue learning.  Currently she is working as an RMT and yoga teacher and is completing her Booty Barre certification, and also studying to be a Yoga Therapist.
Carly Lansens - Teacher
Carly Lansens was born and raised in Windsor On. She started experiencing back issues at a young age and this brought her to her first yoga class. During university she continued through a self-taught practice and began diving deeper into the yogic lifestyle. After finishing her degree at the University of Waterloo she completed a 200hrYoga Teacher Training at the Kailash Tribal Yoga School in the Himalayas of India. Since then she has been teaching a variety of styles including: hatha yoga, power yoga and yang yin. Carly is also a certified Reiki Master Practitioner. Her goal is to help others take care of their bodies and bring peace to their minds through a holistic and balanced approach. ​
- Teacher
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